Matt Harvey, Where Earwigs Dare

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Poems for driftwood lovers and corporate thieves, my April TEDxExeter performance, is up on the inter-webs.

Several people have asked, where is Empath Man? – he is here.

The SWIMBY Musical Songbook is available to download – for free!

Lovely review of the MAC’s Rumpelstiltskin in The Stage

Three poems, Tea Bag, What Are You? and Hands, performed at TEDxTotnes

Interview with Gillian Buzzard in Manna

Here are some sketch versions of SWIMBY songs-in-progress with vocals from Billy and Martine.

On the 18th March we had a Launch Party for our SWIMBY – Something Wonderful In My Back Yard and here’s a taste of what it was like.

Meanwhile a new production of the egg / Lotte Wakeham RUMPELSTILTSKIN will open at the MAC, Belfast on November 26th (Press night 2nd December) and run until 3rd January. Thomas and I are looking forward to this immensely.

Reviews for Rumpelstiltskin:
“Wit, charm and great songs”
The Guardian
“At the very centre of this production is great warmth that captures family values and a healthy sharing of fear alongside the triumph of good over evil.”
“The fairytale is given a comic twist with witty lyrics, a dash of feminism, some socialist leanings and a clutch of lively tunes.”
Bath Chronicle
“…this wonderful adaptation fills the egg stage with tour de force performances from the four cast members, combining great songs, a wonderful script and superbly performed set pieces that produce as good an example of family theatre as you’re likely to see.”
“…but most of all the quality of the rhyming words and lyrics introduced a level of imaginative stretch that we no longer associate with family entertainment.”
StageTalk Magazine
“This hugely entertaining production of the classic Grimm tale has been given a musical treatment by a new writing team Matt Harvey and Thomas Hewitt Jones, the result is a highly impressive witty, fast paced and warm-hearted show.”

And there’s a trailer too.

Tickets for the MAC production are on sale here, it’s at The MAC, Belfast, until January 3rd.

Music by Thomas Hewitt Jones, Book & Lyrics by Matt Harvey. Here’s a snippet of what it sounds like.

Meanwhile, download your free e-copy of The Element in the Room right here!

Among Matt’s most viewed youtube bits and bobs are Empath Man, Thwok, Slug, Curtains and the Totnes Hug

Beastie and the Boys, inspired by and featuring Chloe’s wonderful illustrations has had its first Amazon reviews 5*****!

Channel 4’s Random Acts broadcast Works Perks brilliantly animated by Jonny Lawrence and directed by Lauren Muchan of Mob Films

Two short performances at TEDxExeter 2013 are online. 1st one, and 2nd one.

Matt’s previous book is Mindless Body Spineless Mind.
“This book is a miscellany, a well-meaning mélange of stories and poems with a middle section wonderfully illustrated by Claudia Schmid. By turns nebulous, fabulous, frivolous and strange, Mindless Body Spineless Mind contains a motley selection of flotsam and jetsam. It is the literary equivalent of a box of boot sale items.”

At the moment it can only be ordered by emailing matt@mattharvey.co.uk – it costs £9.95 plus £1 p&p per book for one or two books. Orders of three or more, p&p free. Say if you want them signed or with dedications. It’ll be available by PayPal and on Amazon soon. There may even be a Kindle version for people with wood stoves.

The very clever people (well, Andrew Brown) at de facto films have edited a showreel from clips left lying around on youtube…

Matt Harvey reel from de facto films on Vimeo.

The Same Flame intro video is up. The song cycle is a collaboration between Matt and composer Thomas Hewitt Jones and is available now from Boosey and Hawkes.

A performance of Thwok is up on youtube…

Say hello on twitter, @mattharvey4

Matt and Stephen Deazley ‘s Songbook of Unsingable Songs is on youtube as is their A Little Book of Monsters which has finished touring.

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About Matt

Writer, poet, enemy of all that’s difficult and upsetting, Matt’s way with words has taken him from Totnes to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships via Saturday Live, the Edinburgh Festival and the Work section of the Guardian. He is host of Wondermentalist – Radio 4’s comedy-infused, musically enhanced interactive poetry cabaret – and author of The Hole in the Sum of my Parts (Poetry Trust), Where Earwigs Dare (Green Books) and Mindless Body Spineless Mind. He is married, with one wife. They have two sons.

“Very funny…” Independent
“...not only funny but tender and true” Guardian
“fabulously understated” Dorset Echo

Matt Harvey, The Hole in the Sum of My Parts

Matt is the creator of Empath Man, who had his own mini-series on Radio 4 – “Very funny, very satirical” The Times – and his recent Edinburgh show also garnered excellent reviews – like these from the Fest magazine and allthefestivals.com.

Other News

The Songbook of Unsingable Songs – composer Stephen Deazley ‘s settings of Matt’s words – received rave reviews from the Herald and the Scotsman

Here are some links to recent clips of , The Hug, Torquay Boys and Curtains...
Piece for the Guardian writers’ relay as the Olympic Torch passed through Totnes.

Spoof Valentine’s Day poem, commissioned by the Energy Ombudsman.
Saturday Live poems: Idle, Caolila, and Two Lovely Black Eyes, a panda poem.

Interview with writer Tim Kevan on his BabyBarista site.

The Open University commissioned Matt to write a poem celebrating their 40th anniversary, and Flavio Ferrari’s short film of Matt’s Centenary Icons poem is on video loop in The Science Museum.

Meanwhile the film on Transition Towns as broadcast on BBC1 South West is on YouTube and the Transition Town podcast is quite good too.
Matt’s first book for kids Shopping with Dad is illustrated by Miriam Latimer and published by Barefoot Books. Meanwhile The Hole in the Sum of my Parts (pub. The Poetry Trust) is in its 4th imprint as David Hughes' illustrations continue to lure people in…